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Our Story


Two talented designers have come together to bring life to an exciting adventure in the world of design. Known for their skill and creativity in the profession, they have merged their passions to create a unique online store that offers elegant furniture, inspiring decor, and captivating art. This collaboration not only represents a fusion of exceptional abilities, but also a place where artistic vision comes to life. Welcome to our store, where design and passion intertwine in every detail!

Leslie Borrero


The creator and founder of SMART Design (online store) has more than 10 years of experience in the field of architecture and interior design. She has studies in education, psychology, interior design, real estate and architecture. She has served as a teacher and professor at prestigious universities in Puerto Rico such as the University of Puerto Rico and the Polytechnic University.She has also had her design studio since 2013. In recent years she has been analyzing the needs within the field of design and she set out to facilitate access to her clients for materials and tools that help complete or complement their projects. Its main purpose is to help improve the quality of life of its clients through its management.

Desiree Cosme


With a background in interior design and experience as a salesperson at a furniture store, my career combines a passion for design with customer service skills. From conceptualizing spaces to selecting pieces, my goal is to create environments that reflect each client's unique essence. "Every day, I find joy in turning visions into reality through the art of design".


Our vision is to transform spaces through innovative and authentic design, creating environments that reflect the unique personality and style of each individual


Our mission is to drive innovation in design to enhance the quality of life for our clients, delivering creative and functional solutions that enrich the spaces they live and work in


The journey to attain our goals in design entails a path of continuous exploration, embracing creativity, and refining our skills to craft exceptional and meaningful experiences."